About Us

About Us

China Alliance Group,established in July 2007 in Manchester, United Kingdom, offers a one stop shop for property investors both inward and outward a series of business services in areas including: Finance & Accounting, Taxation, Banking, Legal and property investment.

We have over twenty years experience in Real Estate investment in the UK, China and in South East Asia.

We are a group of professionals who specialise in many different areas and able to understand our client’s needs and deliver a tailor made service to our clients.

We also work with the government agencies to bring foreign investments to expand their business into the UK market, helping them to set-up, grow and settle down in the local area.

Trade missions

We work with many government agencies to promote international trade between UK, China and Asian pacific countries.

Who we are

China Alliance Group is a leading one-stop real state investment company with the vision of open innovation and harnessing potentials.

We have a diverse team of specialists who have particular experience in the UK property market, diversifying from a wide range of property and finance,

What we do

We create a variety of opportunities, scrutinising the finest detail, giving investors and strategic business partners best returns. By exhibiting real estate investment strategies, our insightful and disciplinary analyses provide our clients with a clear and insuring policy.


Our well established reputation for property acquisition is part of the result of our constant strive, we aim to improve our client’s experience at every step. We have notable client satisfaction and our experience and creativity ensure that we meet all individual requirements.

Without doubt, we work hard to ensure integrity and professional services are delivered on all our activities. We aim to enhance our client’s experience of real estate, promising both skill and innovation by our services.


中联集团,2007年7月成立于英国曼彻斯特,致力于为房地产投资者们提供一站式的商业业务服务,包括: 财务与会计,税务,银行融资,法律和商业咨询等多种服务。






我们一贯坚持客观、独立、严谨和专业的原则,发掘并抓住各种投资机会,让投资者和战略伙伴得到最好的回报。通过对房地产投资策略的展示, 我们深入的分析可以为我们的客户提供一个清晰可靠的保险政策。


我们的品牌及声誉是不断累积的结果,既有助于我们吸引新客户和人才,又有助于我们保持现有客户和员工的稳定,从而不断强化我们的市场领先地位。我们相信该等良性循环将进一步持续。我们的目标是让我们的客户得到最好的回报, 为此我们不断地提高我们的服务技能和创新能力。

Our People

Simon Li (FCCA) Simon Li (FCCA) Chairman
Simon Li (FCCA)
Simon Li (FCCA) Chairman

Focus on bringing foreign investments into UK, helping UK customers to expand their market overseas, provide high quality accountancy and consultancy services to clients from start-ups to market leaders.

Currently Simon Li is managing a group of professionals to attract domestic and oversea investors to invest in UK properties and helping clients to raise finance in UK and abroad.

Specialties: Accounting, Finance and Property Investments

Other Team Members

  • Sherry
  • Sisi
  • Carol